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Originally Posted by Naiera View Post
Eva's rummaging around in my head after finishing it all about 24 hours ago. Obviously It's been sooooo amazing to watch it again. Because of the movies I hadn't seen the TV series for upwards of a decade, believe it or not.

I can't wait to do it again. Next time, I'll do director's cut episodes and End of Evangelion. Hopefully that'll be sorted out, as far as subs go, sooner rather than later.
I've been revisiting Eva around once every 2-3 years, it manages to enthrall me each time and while I much prefer the EoE ending, I've even grown to enjoy the show's controversial one.

Good luck with the subs, I need to try muxing some of my own already.

Originally Posted by Thomas Guycott View Post
I look forward to this comparison: that Manga disc sure was a hot pile of garbage in every single way.
It seems almost unfair to compare it, even among other poorly encoded DVDs, it looks bad.

And when put up against the JP BD, it's like David vs Goliath only this time David has no chance in hell of winning. I don't even need to go into nerdy detail, just look at that difference. INCREDIBLE:

01 Manga R1 DVD | JP BD

02 Manga R1 DVD | JP BD

03 Manga R1 DVD | JP BD

04 Manga R1 DVD | JP BD

05 Manga R1 DVD | JP BD

06 Manga R1 DVD | JP BD

07 Manga R1 DVD | JP BD

08 Manga R1 DVD | JP BD

09 Manga R1 DVD | JP BD

10 Manga R1 DVD | JP BD

Wish I had a better version to compare but the crappy manga disc is all I have access to.
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