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It appears that these Uni releases can play on a BD30 Region A (does not work on PS3. Cannot confirm it works on other standalone players). This following works with HOFD.
1. Insert Disk
2. Movie will go to a black screen and will stay that way for 2 Minutes and then go back to the main BD Screen.
3. When it goes back to the BD Screen press 111 on the BD Remote.
4. Movie should load.

Note: You can only access the display menu and pop-up menu button. Pressing the Top menu takes you back to the black screen. You must manually change the subtitles and audio from the display menu.

The movie is the Uncut Version.
[Show spoiler](all the blood from the last scene is intact, throat cut scene is intact, horse scene intact)
. Full time of the movie is 1:59:09.

**Extras do not work. Cannot Access them.
***Please note, in order to get the audio and subtitles to work, you must access the display menu button in order to change the audio and subtitles manually. That is the only way to change audio/subtitles.
****Following is how to get Taegukgi French Blu-ray to work on a Region A BD30
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