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I have a question about this...

I too have a large collection of VHS tapes that I would like to transfer to DVDR. I have actually been transferring to DVDR since 2003 or thereabouts. My capturing computer died recently so I am in the market for new equipment.

Would my transfers be at least slightly better with Blu ray?

9537mbps (video) + 256kbps (audio) = roughly 1 hour recording time on a standard 4.7gb disc.

Since most movies require longer record times than one hour, the bitrate has to be adjusted. For example, 2 hours with a 256kbps rate for audio is roughly 4820mbps for video.

In theory, could I attain better results by using Blu ray because I could do 2+ hours without having to lower the bitrate from 9537?

Just wondering...


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