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Originally Posted by captveg View Post
Great point of course. But I gotta ask...

When your company licenses 100+ titles, do you and perhaps another main employee or two get to choose one film each that is a personal favorite even if it may not sell quite as well? Within reason, of course.
Yes, sometimes we pickup a title because either a key person at the company wants us to release it or because its an important film we're proud to be releasing, even if we're sure it'll be a poor performer. This is usually okay as long as we have some strong titles in the same package that'll cover those potential losses. Not everyone does this, but we've done this before and we'll do it again.

Sometimes, we end up picking up a package which includes lesser titles we would've never acquired, but to get the gems, we also need to pick up a few stinkers. Other times we add some lesser titles to the deal because they're available for the right price.

It's great when we pickup a title for the love of the film and non-monetary reasons and it ends selling well.
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