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Originally Posted by mikejet View Post
You can do the same thing with the Eyetoy as long as you have a reference point. In the Wii demonstration they have to have the Wiimote near the TV and the Sensor bar as the point of reference. The same can be accomplished with the Eyetoy as long as you have a starting position and a way for it camera to reference your distance. The way it was done was with glasses that had two led's mounted on it.

Sony can implement this right away if it wanted to. All you would need is an Eyetoy and glasses. It looked more fluid on the PS3 also. I think head tracking is the next step after motion.
It looks like the pseye has to be modified in order for it to work correctly though. The wii is already set up for VR it seems like. I found a good demonstration of how to make it for the pseye but i found the wii one a little easier to understand since it seems like it's a little less involved.
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