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Originally Posted by SellmeyourDVD View Post
It looks like the pseye has to be modified in order for it to work correctly though. The wii is already set up for VR it seems like. I found a good demonstration of how to make it for the pseye but i found the wii one a little easier to understand since it seems like it's a little less involved.
The only problem I have with using the Wii would be you have to do one of the following:

A. Strap a Wiimote to your head.
B. Strap the sensor bar to your head.

With the Eyetoy you just need to place a filter over the lens and have glasses with the reference points. This sounds easier to me. From there all you would need to do is have the person stand a specific distance so the system can calibrate for height and it's done.

Plus it would look better on the PS3.
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