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Default Kevin Smith?

Originally Posted by toefer View Post
I think the title helped it's take, because it probably brought people in to see it who otherwise might not have wanted to. The problem with the title is that you go in knowing Elizabeth Banks is the co-lead, and you come out of the movie feeling ripped off.

No, I didn't see it in theaters. I had no interest in seeing it, but I ended up watching it on DVD with a friend.

On a side note: Is Kevin Smith overrated? Can we bring back the overrated threads?

I don't think he's had a single movie that has been both a critical and commercial success (and many probably weren't even either one). Chasing Amy is obviously the one exception, in what is otherwise a pile of turds.
I didn't think you liked those threads Toefer?

But, if you want to bring it back. Be my guest.