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Originally Posted by MrBoylan View Post
This player is just that -- a *player* -- it won't convert your mother's VHS tapes to anything but it will play them back quite nicely. There is no recording capability at all on this deck (not even on the VHS side). And the retail price (MAP or minimum advertised price) is $399, according to Panasonic reps I spoke to yesterday.

What you want would be something like one of the Japanese combined VCR/Blu-ray recorder models. They sell for around $1200 (and up) and are not available in the US. In fact, I don't know of any standalone Blu-ray recorders in the US yet. The only way to "burn" blu-ray recordings right now is to use a computer with a BD-ROM drive.

Crap...upon further are absolutely correct. Bummer. Ahh well, maybe next year we'll be something that will allow us to upconvert and then record--preferably to a built-in hard drive and then to our Blu-ray discs.

Thanks for settin me straight.
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