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Default Is "Zack/Miri Make a Porno" releases a blatant example of abusing the consumers?

Okay that title may have been a bit over the top, but this has really irritated me.

So I ordered the Zack and Miri Make a Porno and it'll get here tomorrow. So I was looking through the internet for reviews of the extras, and found out that there's an extra called "Seth vs. Justin" and it's a 13 minute improv fest between the two in that hilarious scene in the movie @ the High School Reunion.

However, and this is what's got me angry, is that they split up the 13 minute improv clip into TWO SEPARATE ONES, on two different releases.

So the regular editions get half of it (seth vs. justin pt. 1) and the only way you can see the second half is to rent the Blockbuster release?????


This is about as shameless as I've ever seen. Double dipping is one thing, but having a major extra like that split up over two different editions of the movie (identical in every other way) is just insane.

In fact I don't think I've ever heard of a studio doing this, and can't believe that Kevin Smith would go for that. He's always been someone that's been a "fan first" kinda guy.

Throw in the fact that there is no commentary on here, and that's two strikes against a Kevin Smith release that normally gets ZERO complaints from me.

What is everyone else's take on this? Am I over reacting? I realize some people don't give a damn about the extras and all, and on most releases I'd agree, but Smith's releases have always been jam packed with really entertaining things, including documentaries on every aspect of making the movie that tends to run even longer than the actual movie.
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