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There is a difference in offering an incentive that is based on a toy and offering half of an extra on something else. Imagine if there was one ending on the regular release but to get the alternate ending, you have to rent or buy the movie at blockbuster. This is pretty much the same thing.

It is like getting a crippled BD and to truly get the full experience you have to double dip. It's ok if it is at blockbuster because you can just rent the BD to watch it but imagine having Wal-Mart on it and you have to buy it from them to get the other half.

Which is also how Watchment is being done. The DC doesn't have everything but the Ultimate does but the Ultimate doesn't have everything. You have to own both the DC and Ultimate to get the full experience.

Originally Posted by master_8ball View Post
This isn't really such a big deal and happens all the time... If I wanted a Batpod with my Dark Knight I would have bought it at Amazon. If I wanted a Ironman face mask case I would have bought Ironman at HMV... If I wanted the extra 13 min of improv I would have bought Zack & Miri at Blockbuster. The list goes on and on, exclusives have been around since dvd and I would imagine even before that.
You don't but some people enjoy the extras. They offer some entertainment and gives BD their replay value beyond the movie. Some of them are funny especially ones done by Apatow for his comedies. I would like know sometimes how some scenes are done and that is where the extras come in.

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Honestly I could care less about 13 minutes of improv on a Blu-ray. I buy them for the MOVIES story PQ and AQ and thats it. Anything extra is just that. An extra. Thats why they call them Extras. Extra extra. Sorry got carried away.....extra
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