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This is about as shameless as I've ever seen. Double dipping is one thing, but having a major extra like that split up over two different editions of the movie (identical in every other way) is just insane.
My opinion has always been, and will always be, that the only folks at fault fo double-dipping are the ones who are repurchasing. I'm not going to fault the studios for making money off of these suckers. If someone will go out and purchase a second copy of a film they already own simply because additional bonus features were included...well...they fell for it.

All of this hoopla over cover art, cases, and bonus features is ridiculous in my opinion. As long as a I get a disc with top notch PQ and AQ...I could care less if it comes in a case with a plain label only displaying the film title and no bonus features.

Studios will continue to double-dip for as long as consumers keep falling for it. Making money off of the foolish...a solid business practice.
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