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I completely agree with you on the subject of Loomis' character. I don't know why Rob Zombie made Loomis so unlikeable and irrelevant. I hated this movie and I'm glad a knew director is taking on the next Halloween (3D).

McDowell is good at playing villains like in "A Clockwork Orange" and even when he kills Captain Kirk in Star Trek lol, but to villainize Loomis was a stupid move on Zombie's part.

I'm glad McDowell is showing his range... I just saw a trailer for his new movie Red Roses and Petrol. Looks good, and different from what he usually does. Definitely a step up from Halloween II. If you're fans of him - the dvd comes out october 13th?

As for Rob Zombie - please, stop making films. lol

haha i do agree with you on this.. however house of a 1000 corpses was decent, wish i could say the same about the rest of the garbage he makes
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