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Originally Posted by js666 View Post
I'm glad you're back on your feet, HT wise anyway. I know it'll be while 'till you're at 100% again, but you'll just have to be patient.
Good luck and hopefully you'll have better luck in the future.
Yes Yes Yes, time and being patient! This is something we all have to do at times in our life.

Originally Posted by MikeDaWiz View Post
Congrats HAMP!!! I am very happy to hear this. I wish you could find another place soon, I know you are hurting for some better equipment. Just Hang in there bud. Good things come to good People!
It's tuff, as you can see I already went back on my word and setup a TV in the bedroom.
I actually lost control when I went over to a friends house and he had the new Tekken 6. I have loved that game since the first one and have been waiting for it since the launch PS3.

Originally Posted by tbizzle View Post
Way to go dude, spare no expense on the projector and sub!

Glad you're getting to enjoy some movies again. I look forward to the day you've got all the goodies in action!
Humm, I think I can add that comment to the wish list "spare no expense on the projector and sub!", because that would be a fantastic wish to come true.