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Originally Posted by no_comp18 View Post
Hey guys, i don't mean to jack your thread, but i'm new and cannot start a new thread. I searched under the threads and could not find any reviews for the Onkyo HT-S5400. I was wondering what your take was on this HTiB? I'm in much need of updating my "old" sony system from 2006 and after researching and looking under these forums i found that Onkyo has the best HTiB out there. I have a $400 budget and live in a decent sized apartment and i'm looking at either the HT-S3400 or HT-S5400. I know the difference between the two is a 5.1 or a 7.1 system; however, i'm looking for something that i can buld on in the future as well. I have a Samsung 40" LED now, i will be buying a bigger/better tv this summer once the 2011 models roll out, and a PS3. Any advice would help. Thanks.
The S3400 has a passive subwoofer while the S5400 has a self-powered subwoofer, what that means is that if you're looking to upgrade the subwoofer years from now, with the S3400 you'd have to replace the entire system, while with the S5400 you can just replace the subwoofer.

Other differences between the two is that the S5400 has bigger speakers, and the S5400 supports the Dolby Prologic IIZ codec (you could use your rear support speakers as high speakers).

If you like LFE the S3400 goes down to 30hz (which is pretty good) while the S5400 goes a little deeper at 25hz. The S5400 receiver can handle frequencies down to 20hz so if you want to replace the sub with one that does 20hz you can.
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