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Originally Posted by Ray_Rogers View Post
I'd buy that 3D disc from you since you care more about the most idiotic type of disc known to home media, Digital Copy. Why are you even buying Blu-ray when you care more about this format? You could stop wasting your time and buy it from an online source instead of buying Blu-rays.
I don't think that guy (or anyone) prefers digital copy as their format of choice. It's an extra copy for people who also want to take their movies on the go on tablets, ipods, etc. Personally, I have no use for it, and wish there were versions available without it as well, but I don't fault anyone else for wanting them.

By the way, later in the survey they were asking if I thought they should include the digital copy as a disc or a downloadable "e-copy" (making the set just 4-disc + download). So it might not even include the "most idiotic type of disc known to home media"
Originally Posted by philip74 View Post
as the release date is not given in this thread, actually
already has it listed for september 20th:
Thanks for the info - I hadn't seen an official announcement and didn't want to put it in the thread title until it was set.
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