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I'm seriously looking into buying this set! It's 399 at Futureshop right now and it looks pretty good to me!

I live in an apartment over some people so i can't have(or can afford) a 2000$ BOSE system so a small-ish set like this is perfect for me. Plus i read that you can hook up everything to it and have only ONE HDMI cable going the TV. I have my HD Cablebox and my PS3

I've been using the TV speakers of my 40inch Samsung LCD TV for 3 years now and i think it's time for some surround sound!

I don't feel like plunking down more money for the wireless back speakers though so i think I'll just run wires along the walls. I think they should of included the necessary parts for the wireless back speakers into the box and just charge it more, instead of having people look for the parts themselves somewhere else.

So everyone still happy with this?
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