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Originally Posted by rickah88 View Post
Not to worry. Seeing as 2012 is the 100th Anniversary of the sinking(& Paramount) it's pretty safe bet this will be out on blu.
Now my question is this: Would Paramount release the blu to coinside witht he 3D theatrical release, or wait until after?
I guess it would be after, as they can market it as 3DBD, BD, dvd, dc, uv, etc etc. I just can't help but think releasing both at the same time would be a great cross promotion for one another...and 3D TV too!
The current plan at Paramount is to release the 3D Blu-ray after the theatrical 3D run in 2012. Some may be displeased to hear that the current plan to release the 2D version (at first) is to package it with a 3D combo pack.
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