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Default Panasonic TC-P42ST30 -42" plasma

I used Disney's WOW calibration disc. It is a good disc except for the "color" and "sharpness" areas were not too helpful for me.
Go to the custom picture mode before trying these settings as the other modes do not have as many options.
Also, the settings have to be made separately for each input.

Contrast 80
Brightness 60 (The calibration disc had this at 57 but I feel I might be losing a bit of dark shadow detail when viewing normal content.)
Color 40 (This was set viewing normal content.)
Tint -1
Sharpness 12 (This setting based on averaging recommendations by others.

Color temp Warm 1 (Many people recommend warm 2)
Video noise reduction weak

HDMI settings:
Use defaults,
Black level Light
24P Direct in 60 Hz

Pro settings:
Black extension 0
Gamma adjustment 2.2
Panel brightness Mid
Contour emphasis Off

Color space Normal
(The following are conservative adjustments based on higher settings by others:
W/B high R -4
W/B high G -6
W/B high B -
W/B low R +2
W/B low G -
W/B low B -1

I use the same settings for over the air TV with coaxial input, Blu-ray disc player with HDMI, and VCR with (3 - r,w,y) composite (video) cables.
Room has the front door hall light which hits TV parallel to screen but is not seen directly by viewers, and usually a 30 watt (incandescent) light in the back of the room.
I changed the output of my BD player from 24 to 60 for movies and the TV from none to weak for motion smoothing.
Dark hair is also good for adjusting black levels.
Great picture for night skyline and dark water scenes, outdoor and everything else!

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