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Originally Posted by ObiWanShinobi View Post
Hmmm. I live in a two bedroom condo and the TV is going in one of the bedrooms. The couch facing the TV has a window behind it and with the shades closed its only kinda sorta dark, everything in the room is visible so nowhere near pitch black but at night it gets very dark.

I know Plasmas have glass over the screen, is this window gonna show up bad without the room being really dark? On a sunny day with the shades shut I DO notice a slight orange reflection on the screen of my DLP.
I know from experience DLPs show any refection of light, plasmas have improved over the years with glare reduction, I know with mine we do get a slight glare when all the lights are on, I think no matter what tv you get, you will get a glare on it, but if you shade ur windows, you may not have too much of a problem with glare, you could always get curtains that totally block out the sun, I know a lot of people on here do that
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