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Originally Posted by REZBLUE View Post
To anyone that has this system,

Is there anyway to adjust the speakers independently? I want to only increase volume on the rear speakers. How do you do this?
Yes, I have this system and you can adjust the individual speakers.

I wouldn't, however, recommend this system. It's not that I'm completely unhappy w/ it, but playing Blus w/ HD audio, the center speaker is weak in that the dialogue is low and then the action scenes are very loud.

This doesn't seem to be as noticeable a problem when switching the Blu to play Dolby Digital, more a problem w/ HD audio.

Granted w/ the HD Audio, you can adjust the speaker volumes individually so I do have the center speaker higher which does help, but for musical Blus or concert Blus, it means I have to re-adjust the volume again and then when I put a movie Blu back in I have to re-adjust the volume or re-do the auto calibration and it's a little bothersome.

Also, even though I higher the center speaker for dialogue for a musical Blu like Phantom of the Opera, it might sound fine during dialogue, but when it's a music scene the center speaker is too high so it sounds a little unbalanced during the music parts, but it's a little ridiculous to adjust the speakers while I'm watching, so I don't but then I have to raise/lower the volume while I'm watching and embarassing when you are watching w/ people.

By the way, I'm not an audiophile at all, so this is just my experience, so if any others who have this system have a better method regarding this issue, let me know.
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