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Originally Posted by jawsfan1975 View Post
Has anyone purchased or had experience with the Tab Tensioned screens from Visual Apex? I'm not completely satisfied with my current 100" electric screen at the moment as it does not stay completely flat and I notice the slightest of waves on bright and panning scenes. I found a 100" on the Visual Apex site but it has a price tag of around $750. I don't have the option of a fixed screen and this continues to frustrate when watching a film. Any feedback would be appreciated friends.
Just checked and the 100 inch fixed frame Visual Apex screen is going for like $339. Are you shopping out the higher end Da-Lite or Draper offerings? Looking for something other than a basic 1.1 gain? I think that $339 dollar deal is probably the way to go unless you would like to step up in to something a little more premium like a Carada.
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