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Originally Posted by El_Jay View Post
Saw this about a month ago and really thoroughly enjoyed it. Not sure if I'll buy the Blu though, doesn't seem like something I could watch many times, and since it's 4:3 (whatever the theatrical version of this ratio is called, 1.33:1?) and in black and white it's not making a case for an instant must-buy. I may still pick it up anyway just to have it, might be worth having on the shelf in case I have guests who are curious and want to see it.

Jean Dujardin's performance was great here, it's incredible how much emotion they can convey without using any words in this pic. Berenice Bejo was fantastic as well.

That is curious about the aspect ratio. I mean obviously they were going for a certain stylistic look to make it reminiscent of a certain era, but I could have done without 1.33 on a modern film.

I'm not sure that it impacts whether to buy the blu-ray or not though. I mean do you just stay away from all old (pre 1954) movies that are 1.33?
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