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Originally Posted by ariakon View Post
That's good to hear, because immediately after the patch came out the servers were down (for me) for an hour! I did play later, but assumed that stability would come gradually, rather than immediately. I was still getting kicked out quite frequently. Game is a blast when I can actually get into a match, though.

And yeah, I'd take those Vgchartz numbers as definite "maybes." Their numbers have only seemed to grow worse over time.
Yeah, I saw on twitter that Jaffe said they were having problems with non-patchers trying to matchmake with those with patch, and so last night they did a full server reboot. I still get some network errors, and now I'm getting a lot more "room is full" errors when trying to join, but at least I'm getting to play some, compared to last week.The game is actually fun when you get to actually play.

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