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Default Sony 40-KDLV2500 on HDMI for Blu-Ray

Calibrated from Ratatouille disc first, Sony calibration second for closer detail. My TV is in a dark room at night (no overhead light) and a bright room during the day.

Backlight: 5 - 7
Sharpness: Min - 12
Color Temp: Warm 1
Color: 46
Brightness: 46
Picture (contrast): 93
Hue: 0
Noise Reduction: Off

Advanced Settings Menu:

Black Corrector: Off
Advanced CE: Off
Gamma: Low
Clear White: Off
Live Color: Off
Color Space: Normal
MPEG Noise Reduction: Off

Wide Mode: Full
Display Area: Full Pixel
Auto Wide: On
Horizontal Center: 0
Vertical Center: 0

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