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TV: KDL-46v3000
INPUT THROUGH HDMI: bdp-s300 and an xbox360
Viewing distance: varies from 5 to 10 feet approximately
Room Lighting: not much lol so i would guess dim, i have 1 lamp usually noton, 1 window, and one fan with a blue neon light dealgoing on.

originally i had used the disney calibration on the blu-ray and just playing with the settings, but i am a bit of a perfectionist (ocd i am told), so i spent almost a month researching through this site and the web on what all my settings ACTUALLY do, optimal settings, opinions, input sources etc.... and arrived at this.

mine: custom mode

backlight: min
picture: 90
brightness: 50
color: 50
hue: 0
color temp: warm 1
sharpness: min
noise reduction: off
mpeg noise reduction: off
drc mode: off

advanced setttings:
black corrector: off
advanced c.e. : off
gamma: off
clear white: off
color space : wide
live color: off
white balance: factory default
detail enhancer: off
edge enhancer: off

also i went to my RGB Dynamic Range and made that FULL instead of AUTO

these settings work well at delivering a great image for all my media, blu looks great, sddvd upconvert is more tolerable, and what i perceived to be a blurring effect on the factory settings is gone. i am still considering saving up for a professional calibration because from what i have read no matter how much you tweak they can effect changes to truly optimize what your tv can do.


just wanted to say thanks crackin, you gotta be one of the most helpful dudes on this site, A+ on this set of threads and it is definitely appreciated.
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