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My top:

1. Sony's next is not called the PS4. "Sony Playstation 4" is too long a title, and having the 4 at the end may intimidate new costumers. Also, isn't the number 4 associated with death in Japan? The "Sony Orbis" or just "Orbis" sounds cleaner.

2. Sucker Punch and Guerilla Games with both have launch titles for the Orbis. One will be Killzone 4, the other won't be Infamous.

3. The Last Guardian still wont be released this year. Launch title anyone?

4. Orbis will come pre-loaded with content. This was a theme at Sony's CES presentation, and is an idea that should be developed for all sony products. Maybe some Sony movies and PSN titles.

5. Planetside 2 will come pre-installed on all launch Orbis models. Speaking of pre-loaded content...

6. The game cases will see a re-design for Orbis. Think Criterion Collection sexy. Could we see a nice translucent blue colored case to compliment the Vita?

7. The little things. The Orbis will be able to support cross game chat and charge your USB devices when the system is off.

8. The Death of the XMB. If the Vita's menu is any clue, the XMB will not be jumping to next gen.
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