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I ordered but haven't received yet...and these caps make me feel the same way. I do not like the washed out greys that should be black ( & are in the Kino ). VCI is a budget company and really should stay out of the restoration game

This might be better than Kino in some ways but not worth my $20 I fear.....

Also, VCI watermarked this for a couple seconds in at least 2 places ( can't really blame them )
Here are the timings on those markings - thanks to scoundrel @ chfb
At two points in the film, the number 9022 appears in the background like a trade mark. I've seen it at 31:50 - 31:52
on the inside of the door leading to Madeline's crypt. It appears once again on the door below the staircase at 41:56 - 42:02.

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