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Originally Posted by RageATL View Post
Looks like the new firmware is officially out in the wild now.

Also, for those of you with a P50 that received the new firmware, I suggest you open up an online chat session with Vizio and procure your FREE new XRT135 remote to go along with it! See my chat transcript below and follow it when you do so!

New XRT135 remote (coming soon):

New XRT135 remote vs. the current/old remote:

Request received: I own the 2016 version of the P50, but after the most recent firmware installed (, I don't have access to theon-screen menus. I was told to contact Vizio support to see about getting the new XRT135 remote.

Chaeli (6/6/2017, 3:17:48 PM): Here at VIZIO we pride ourselves in providing best in class U.S. based support. Have you contacted VIZIO in the past?
Me (6/6/2017, 3:18:51 PM): Perhaps? I honestly can't remember
Chaeli (6/6/2017, 3:19:28 PM): Hi there. I see you have questions regarding the update. Before we get started, could you please provide your serial number and the name of the store you bought it from, please?
Me (6/6/2017, 3:19:53 PM): Serial Number = XXXXXXXXXXX
Me (6/6/2017, 3:20:00 PM): Store = Costco
Chaeli (6/6/2017, 3:20:40 PM): Thank you.
Chaeli (6/6/2017, 3:21:27 PM): I will submit the request for the full remote. However at this time we do not have a ETA for the stock of the remote. To complete the request I will need the physical address where the TV is located.
Me (6/6/2017, 3:22:22 PM): Excellent, thanks so much!
Me (6/6/2017, 3:22:35 PM): The physical address of the TV is:
Chaeli (6/6/2017, 3:22:36 PM): You are very welcome
Me (6/6/2017, 3:22:43 PM): XXXXXXXXXXX
Chaeli (6/6/2017, 3:23:03 PM): Thank you.
Chaeli (6/6/2017, 3:23:08 PM): Is the number XXXXXXXXXXX
Me (6/6/2017, 3:23:17 PM): Yes it is
Chaeli (6/6/2017, 3:24:41 PM): Thank you. I have submitted the request for the full remote.
Thanks for the heads up. I have the 2016 P65 and just had pretty much the same chat session. They told me they had no timeframe on when I would receive the remote, but at least with my Harmony One I was able to program all the important buttons for navigating menus until it arrives.

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