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Originally Posted by ckenisell View Post
The main concensus around here is that Tron doesn't look that great in 3D but there is hope for the next Tron movie being made now.
I'm wondering if it has to do with people's setups, because Tron:Legacy is one of my favorite 3D Blus. It's not as good as Avatar or Hugo, but it's certainly up there. I thought Tron looked better than The Avengers and Transformers 3 tbh.

It could be like My Bloody Valentine.
It's got great 3D, but it's so dark that on a lot of setups, the film is riddled with ghosting. I use a DLP-Link system and I had no issues with the film's 3D. It looked really good. A lot of pop-outs, though they're all a bit short IMO
And it could be a taste thing. Tron doesn't have a whole lot of pop-outs, but I just love the depth and the dimensionality, the use of light and reflective surfaces also add a lot. But truthfully, it's not the best for pop-outs.

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