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Originally Posted by Zivouhr View Post
I've seen the ones you're referring to, they look like regular sun glasses but are active, styled like the passive pairs. Sony needs to get on the ball and create a lighter, more comfortable set of 3D active glasses for their sets. For many sets, the ear stems dig into the side of the head, and the nose bridge digs deep into the nose, probably creating the headache so many probably complain about when they first try 3D. Terrible early 3D glasses designs, Sony. Just as bad as the Sega Master System's 3D Glasses.
I guess I just got lucky with that. Yeah that sounds like it would would be a bummer wearing heavy uncomfortable glasses like you describe. Especially if you want to watch more than one movie in a row. Lol, I had some of those for the SEGA. I had Saxon 3D and another one. Buck Rogers I think it was. And my damn sister broke my glasses. I was so bummed. That was a lot of money for me to scrounge up back then, and I couldn't afford a replacement. Didn't even have them very long. At least I was still able to use them broken.

Originally Posted by ckenisell View Post
The main concensus around here is that Tron doesn't look that great in 3D but there is hope for the next Tron movie being made now.
Cool to hear they are making another one. I hope it's a lot better. I didn't care much for the last one. The light cycles were pretty cool, but that didn't last long. The storyline didn't interest me much. I liked the original a lot better. More of a fun adventure.
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