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Originally Posted by PowerfulMJC View Post
Whether a game sells like it once did or not if it IS the BEST selling game every year then it IS " top dog" as far as I am concerned. I see what you are trying to get at though.

A big problem is people on forums, not so much here but on more game focused forums that completely b***h about the game EVERY year for the last five years in a row and say it's terrible and that they are done with the franchise but still go out and buy the new one the next year. I personally know a guy just like this, COD is the worst blah blah blah...I'm done. Only to purchase the next game on day f***n' one! I'd put $100 cash down as a bet I see him online on Infinite Warfare on November 4th this year. It's a lock! Not only is it a lock that he'll get it, it's a lock that a couple days in it'll be a total b***hfest about how bad the game is and that he's once again done with these games. Come November 2017 he'll be online day one once again on the next COD. It NEVER fails!!!
I don't have a problem with COD coming out every year. I've played every single COD released on consoles and have enjoyed the campaigns, in spite of the silliness that tends to seep into the storytelling. I'll dabble in the MP but it's not really my bag so don't play much. I'll buy and play Infinite Warfare, but don't plan on holding onto it for long if i don't have a steelbook for it.

I really just wish companies would either put the steelbooks with the regular release (such as Just Cause 3 did last year) or as like pre-order bonuses (as with Quantum Break) instead of always putting them in the most expensive edition.
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