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So I've had my TV (UN46F6400) for a bit now and decided it was time I did a serious calibration on it. I got very good results with the last attempt but I feel I got nearly perfect this time. Again I'm calibrating using an iDisplay Pro with ColorHCFR software and playing the AVCHD version of AVS HD 709 calibration disc through my PS3.

Down to business, here are the resulting graphs of my calibration:

CIE Diagram

Luminance (showing average and individual RGB lines as well, they track so well however you can hardly make them out =O

Color Temperature (Pretty flat along that 6500k)

Gamma (A little sketchy but I'll take it)

And finally RGB Levels (the bottom part shows the DeltaE value for each 10% gray level increase. Supposedly less than 3 is so close to perfect it's indistinguishable to the human eye, got all of mine to 1 or less)

And here are the settings that got me there:

Main Menu
Picture Mode: Movie
Backlight: 9
Contrast: 90
Brightness: 48
Sharpness: 10
Color: 48
Tint (G/R): G49/R51
Picture Size: Screen Fit

Advanced Settings
Dynamic Contrast: off
Black Tone: Off
Flesh Tone: 0

Color Space: Custom
Red - 50 Red, 0 Green, 0 Blue
Green - 0 Red, 50 Green, 0 Blue
Blue - 0 Red, 34 Green, 45 Blue
Yellow - 50 Red, 50 Green, 0 Blue
Cyan - 0 Red, 50 Green, 50 Blue
Magenta - 50 Red, 0 Green, 50 Blue

White Balance (2pt)
R-Offset: 25
G-Offset: 25
B-Offset: 23
R-Gain: 16
G-Gain: 25
B-Gain: 17

10p White Balance: On
Interval 1 - 0 Red, 0 Green, +1 Blue
Interval 2 - 0 Red, 0 Green, +2 Blue
Interval 3 - 0 Red, 0 Green, +1 Blue
Interval 4-6 - 0 Red, 0 Green, 0 Blue
Interval 7 - 0 Red, 0 Green, +2 Blue
Interval 8 and 9 - 0 Red, 0 Green, 0 Blue
Interval 10 - +4 Red, 0 Green, 0 Blue
Gamma: -1
Picture Options
Color Tone: Warm2
Digital Clean View: Off
MPEG Noise Filter: Off
Auto Motion Plus: Off (still experimenting with this one)

And there you have it.
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