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Hey there Sideways . My room only allow's 2' exactly for my surround's, and it work's good, however I wished that I had more room behind the seating area. You will be OK in that area, absolutely worth it . You could get away with only one SVS sub for that room, but I believe that two sub's is the way to go, regardless of room size. Having two SVS sub's will absolutely rock that room with LFE, but SVS sub's are the best , so you will have no problem at all blending them with your main's/surround's . As far as the upward firing module's for ATMOS, you would be much better off with ceiling mounted speaker's, but do not spend a lot of cash on those because it is not necessary . You have obviously done your homework in this area, so you are on the right track . Whatever you decide, please let us know, and good luck on your endeavor .
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