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Originally Posted by RockyIII View Post
As a rule of thumb-when paying with a US issued mastercard or visa-is it better to rely on Visa/Mastercard exchange rate or Amazon exchange rate?
I always pay in local currency esp with a 0% Forex fee card. The only time in 5-6 years where Amazon converter has been cheaper was last week when the bottom fell out and Amazon converter caught up to the drop faster than VISA/MC so for a couple days Amazon was slightly cheaper. I suspect it the rates are rising Amazon rate goes up much faster than Visa as well though it may be a while before that it put to the test.

With a 3% fee card that gap has always been much narrower/disappears so the first thing you need to do is find out about your CC.

Ex. today a 0% card has a 1 cents better exchange than Amazon, for a 3% card Amazon is 3 cents better. Once Visa catches down to the latest fall then the gap shifts substantially toward Visa
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