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Originally Posted by Zombie Kermit View Post
I'm holding my breath for Agents of SHIELD Season 4.
No announcements for either UK or Australia yet, so having doubts, since we were lucky to get season 3.
Your right there "Zombie Kermit"...It is lucky, and a surprise, that Agents of Shield went for 3 seasons on BD, considering the US network it airs on (ABC) is not a huge supporter of TV on Blu-Ray.

More bad news for Australian TV on Blu-Ray as another title bites the dust in Australia... And after 4 fracking seasons on BD no less!

The Chicago Fire S5 release next week is DVD only (S1-4 BD still available).

Sanity -
JB HiFi -

All the while, UK/Germany continue to get BD releases (at least importing from Amazon UK is a reasonable alternative):

Give me Blu-Ray or give me death.

Streaming sucks!

With Film & TV on Blu-Ray, you own it... With streaming, your just renting.

Respect the filmmakers intentions; Respect the the OAR
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