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Old 01-22-2012, 10:50 PM   #1
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Question Which Monitors To Look At?


this might not be exactly the right place to ask, but since it's about LCD-displays, you guys would probably know best about the following:

Currently I have a Samsung SyncMaster 205BW, which is a 16:10 and 1680x1050 LCD-monitor of 20(.5) inches.
It looks really good, good enough in contrast, brightness and colors I guess too, for pictures, videos and games.
It has plenty of controls, but not too much to get you confused and lost in all the settings.
I'm one who knows to stay away from all those extra artificial settings.

Anyway, I've been looking at which one I should get next, as I'm looking for a BIT of an upgrade.
Like it would be nice to have one of Full HD at least, 1920x1080,
except I prefer the a.r. to be 16:10, as I use it for a PC, so that would make the resolution 1920x1200.
Also, one with a somewhat larger diagonal would be nice too, except, for where I have it standing, not more than 24", so 22" would be good too.
And HDMI is not necessary, but it is an option to me, as long as it has DVI at least.

Oh, and I do NOT want it to have this piano-black gloss kinda thing and it should also have a matte screen.
Because I learned this from my Panasonic Plasma, the gloss on the frame and the screen are really annoying with even a little bit of daylight.
So I like a plain matte (not necessarily charcoal, but just flat) black monitor.

And the purpose isn't "Home Theater", but it could definitely be in the direction of some sort of "reference quality".
One of the most important things I do is developing photographs, so that's one thing.
And for the rest I just do other computing, watch videos and play games on the same computer.

Now, the thing is, I have no idea which brand to look at and what monitor is at least as good as mine.
How do I know when I don't use it extensively myself?
I can't just follow the most positive reviews and high prices, or trust one or two brands.
Besides, there are so unbelievably many with only slight differences, it takes forever to sort out all the details.

So would you be able to point me in the right direction or even specifically to some?
I could go with a Samsung (SyncMaster) again, I used to look at a similar one to mine, but with the slightly higher specifications like I pointed out.
But I can't find that back anymore, and they keep changing product(-lineups) a LOT.

And as for the price, I don't have a big budget, but let's say it shouldn't be more than 250 US Dollars?
I don't know what's realistic, but say 200 Euros otherwise.
Not sure if prices for monitors are higher here or somewhere else, plus the difference in currency, etc.

Greetings, and thanks for reading.
"Many great films fail and many shitty movies make a lot of money." - John Landis
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