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Two and a Half Men: The Complete Tenth Season (DVD)
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Roseanne: The Complete 1st Season (DVD)
4 Film Favorites: Meryl Streep (DVD)
Bruce Almighty (DVD)
4 Film Favorites: Wedding Collection (DVD)
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: The Thirteenth Season (DVD)
Bones: The Complete Eighth Season (DVD)
CSI: Miami: The Final Season (DVD)
New Tricks: Season 10 (DVD)
Charade (DVD)
Transformers Armada: Complete Series (DVD)

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Old 11-15-2012, 06:51 PM   #81
supersix4 supersix4 is offline
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Mar 2007

Originally Posted by MifuneFan View Post
Here's an unboxing/review. The discs look to all be separated from one another in individual slots or something, and they also included some foam on the roof of the wagon to protect it too.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Complete Classic Collection DVD Party Wagon Box Set Review - YouTube
lol he sounds just like the chick on bobs burgers I wish my voice sounded like that!
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Old 11-15-2012, 07:53 PM   #82
Adcatalano Adcatalano is offline
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Jun 2011

Originally Posted by blurayjunkie View Post
Anyone looking forward to the new tmnt toon from nick??
The new series is utterly fantastic, 100% recommend for anyone who has any remote interest in the turtles.

The writing is as as top notch as the current slate of television cartoons has to offer. I enjoyed the recent TMNT movie, it had the heart of the franchise but lacked the soul. The new series definitely fixes that issue.

The humor is pitch perfect, on par and sometimes better than Gravity Falls and recent Spongebob.

The action is terrific and engaging, as good as the best in Tron Uprising and Iron Man Armored Adventures - and usually even better

The animation is unique and quite a revelation. A step ahead of other cg fair like The Penguins of Madagascar and Kung Fu Panda. I've never seen anything like it on television

The voice acting is as good as you can find with a great core cast and wonderful guest spots. They are casting as well as Spongebob and Gravity Falls and Tron Uprising
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Old 11-16-2012, 01:06 PM   #83
Takeshi666 Takeshi666 is offline
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Oct 2011

Originally Posted by Hatter View Post
Discs were never repressed with fixes. Episodes like Planet of the Turtleoids will only be on the last disc (or season 10 dvd if buying separately). It is not included with future pressings of the season set that episode should belong to.
I was kinda referring to the season 10 episodes on the first season disc. But yeah, as long as those previously missing episodes are included, I'm not gonna complain - after all, the episodes are already out of order on the later seasons so you're gonna do a lot of disc swapping anyway if you actually want to watch them in proper order, right? Besides, do you have an alternative, besides VHS?

I think it's a lot more worthwhile gripe to point out that the entire season 2 is on a single disc.
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Old 11-25-2012, 04:51 AM   #84
AeroK AeroK is offline
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I opened my van last night and all the discs were out of their slots, at least 10 were wedged on top of each other. None had scratches which was shocking. The little foam insert look like a rat chewed on it. Other than some dust on the discs, everything looks fine. I was surprised the wheels rolled.
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Old 11-25-2012, 12:33 PM   #85
LG416 LG416 is offline
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I haven't bought a dvd in many years, but This collection is too good to pass up. The fact that it's all housed in the van makes it pretty cool to put on my shelf with all my blu-ray collection.

if I buy this and they end up releasing it on blu-ray that will suck lol

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Old 11-26-2012, 12:00 AM   #86
MifuneFan MifuneFan is offline
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HEADS-UP Super amazing deal on this set. Using B&N's 30% off coupon you can get this set for $43.39

Use the code: T9P3E3W (expires TONIGHT)
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Old 11-29-2012, 04:40 AM   #87
meremortal meremortal is offline
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Jan 2012
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Originally Posted by MifuneFan View Post
HEADS-UP Super amazing deal on this set. Using B&N's 30% off coupon you can get this set for $43.39

Use the code: T9P3E3W (expires TONIGHT)
Damn, I would've bought it for that price.
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