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Default Audio Sync Issue in 3D/Non Game Mode

Hey all. I recently got a new TV (Vizio E3D470vx) and for the most part I quite like it. However a small issue has come up regarding the use of my surround sound setup/receiver.

This isn't one of those "why can't I see 3D" posts; I knew ahead of time my receiver could not pass through a 3D signal and made the switch to an optical cable for sound, with the HDMI going straight into the TV. This works splendidly for the most part - obviously I don't get lossless sound but I've never really been able to tell the difference so it's no big loss to me.

The problem is that, when watching 3D content, the sound goes ever-so-slightly out of sync with the image, playing a fraction of a second too early. Normally it's not really a problem, but for fast, sudden sound effects - an axe chopping wood, for example - it gets to be quite distracting for me.

From what I've determined, it has to do with extra time the TV is taking to process and display the image that the receiver doesn't need to take for the sound. I had read that "Game Mode" improves response time for the TV and had it on already for most applications, and there are no sound sync issues then. Trying 2D video with Game Mode off revealed the same sync issue as in 3D. Sadly, Game Mode is not available in 3D, so I'm stuck with the sync issue. Feeding the audio into the TV through HDMI and using optical out from the TV to the receiver removes this issue, but I can only get stereo that way.

What I'm wondering is: has anyone else had this problem? If so, how did you solve it? Would getting a receiver with 3D passthrough help, or is it just a problem that will always exist because of the extra time the TV apparently needs to produce the image?
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