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Old Yesterday, 05:44 PM   #841
javi92 javi92 is offline
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Dec 2013

Originally Posted by Musicguy View Post
I wouldn't be surprised if we saw "Ryan's Daughter" on Blu-ray soon through the Archive.
I do hope you're right. That would be awesome.
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Old Yesterday, 07:29 PM   #842
BluPat BluPat is offline
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Nov 2008

Warner Archive released a video concerning BD-R. Great to know!

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Logantoxic Logantoxic is offline
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Jul 2014

I just contacted Twilight Time and they said they didnt have Crime and Punishment from Sony or more specifically they said "We don't have any info on it at this time". Does anybody know who else to contact about trying to get it released?
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Old Today, 12:59 AM   #844
drak b drak b is online now
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Jul 2010
Mercer Island, WA

Originally Posted by BluPat View Post
Warner Archive released a video concerning BD-R. Great to know!
Great stuff, but there should really be at least twice as many releases on that table by this point. Well, I guess I can cut them some slack as they've really stepped up their game on both title selection (more 'classic' era) and quantity recently. Here's to more success, and (hopefully) even more titles per month.
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Old Today, 02:23 AM   #845
belcherman belcherman is offline
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May 2013
Rhode Island

Originally Posted by jayembee View Post
I dunno. Twilight Time's business model doesn't suggest that they are only interested in titles that sell out quickly. Otherwise, they'd be in serious trouble, as only about 20% of their titles have sold out. But really, it's the three-year exclusivity that's key. What would be the point of ensuring that they have a license for three years if they're hoping it sells out in three months? All the King's Men has been out only a tad over six months.

(Also keep in mind that the advantage of Crime and Punishment over All the King's Men -- or a number of other Sony titles -- is that it was never released on DVD, so it's been in limbo since the VHS and LD went OOP.)

I'm sure that the quick sellers help subsidize the slow sellers, but there's certainly no indication from their recent releases and announced/forthcoming titles that they're focusing only on "hot" or cult titles.
OK, somehow I thought that All the King's Men had been out longer. Better examples would have been Roots of Heaven or Picnic. In any case, my point was that Twilight Time is not getting rich off of older catalog titles, wiith the exception of genre or cult titles. I don't how their business works, but I expect that they would be very happy to have zero inventory of a title by the time the three years' exclusive distribution deal is up, and sooner is better than later when it comes to ROI. Yes, Crime and Punishment was not released on DVD, so that does give it a leg up, but I still think that Criterion would be a better fit. If Twilight Time does release Crime and Punishment and it does sell out in less than three years, I will eat my shoe. On YouTube.
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BillieCassin BillieCassin is offline
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Nov 2009

Originally Posted by CinemaScope View Post
Reading the review of Possessed over at HTF, Warner went back & scanned the original negative
I'm certainly no expert, but watching it even with my untrained eye I suspected that - the qualities of the picture are feel very different than the DVD. Not the quality of the picture (that's a given), but the look of the film itself. It's been awhile since I spun the DVD, but I was instantly surprised during just the opening scene that the picture just had a completely different light/dark contrast, beyond just a higher definition picture.

I really hope to see more like this, I highly suspect Mildred Pierce will hit next year for the anniversary - I bet it will look spectacular.
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Old Today, 04:18 AM   #847
bubuwest bubuwest is offline
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Dec 2013

Also, it would be great to see some classic war titles among the future releases... Air Force and Objective Burma! are the first that come to mind, but I'd love to get especially Merrill's Marauders by the legendary Sam Fuller...
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oildude (Today)
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