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Oblivion (Blu-ray)
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Dragon Ball Z: Season 6 (Blu-ray)
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Jul 2009

Originally Posted by JJLong View Post
This thread has really made me want to rewatch the series all over again, but I'm holding out hope for an announcement at some point.
Same here. After seeing the HD caps, it's really hard watching the fuzzy transfers on Netflix.
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2x04 'Sleepless' DVD to HDTV Comparisons

"Sometimes it scares me how far away my brain is." DC
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AmishParadise (Today)
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Reddkryten Reddkryten is online now
Jun 2014

Originally Posted by jwb79 View Post
I watched the episode Shadows. The main title looks really bad. The footage in that sequence has been upscaled but to me that's an overstatement! As noted earlier the font in the credits doesn't match and the font in the main title is wrong too. I hope they can fix these two things before it gets released. The main title is only 30 secs long so just maybe they can recreate it? Heck, the X looks like it has already been recreated so why not fix the rest?

Otherwise, the episode looked awesome. It looks like it was shot yesterday!

The opening credits were created by an outside company. It's possible the 35mm elements were lost (if they were shot on 35mm in the first place). The only part of the credits that I am certain can be remastered in HD is the shot of Mulder and Scully breaking down the door.
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insomniac013 insomniac013 is online now
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Feb 2010
Gravity Falls

At this point i'm better off rewatching my crummy PAL DVDs, while listening to X-Files Files podcast by Kumail Nanjiani.
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