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Old Yesterday, 03:01 AM   #701
GenPion GenPion is offline
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Feb 2009

Parts 1 and 2 are the re-releases from 2012 that originally had blue cover artwork. They include lots of extras previously only on DVD.

Part 3 is from 2007 because they never needed to update the disc content-wise. The extras were on the bonus disc primarily. So it's the same.

The 4K ones came at a later time and have no extras. These are not the mastered in 4K discs in the new repackaged set.
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Old Yesterday, 03:19 AM   #702
thebard thebard is offline
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Oct 2010

Originally Posted by Germanicus View Post
Can you please post the link for the new trilogy box because I want to know more about it. Thank you.
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Old Yesterday, 09:38 PM   #703
BluChris BluChris is offline
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Nov 2008

Originally Posted by GenPion View Post
I was talking about the Mastered in 4K standalone edition (which is new).
I figured, but OP (blurayfriend) was specifically asking about the 2012 re-release, not the 4K standalone...

Originally Posted by Gamma_Winstead View Post
Except it does have the second disk.
...or the 2014 trilogy re-release. 2012 version doesn't have Disc 2.
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Old Yesterday, 11:17 PM   #704
celticmoon celticmoon is offline
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Apr 2011

Does the new trilogy set include movie cash for the upcoming movie? If so, $25 isn't a bad price for it.
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Old Yesterday, 11:22 PM   #705
GuruAskew GuruAskew is online now
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Jul 2010
Default Spider-Man Trilogy Re-release with New Cover Artworks

Yes it does. But this is the wrong thread.
"My boys are 8, 10 and 12 and never saw the SE editons or the PT until I had ingrained in them the UOT over and over again and again. They do not like the PT nor the SE editions at all to this day." -LAdodgers
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Old Yesterday, 11:39 PM   #706
blurayfriend blurayfriend is offline
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Jul 2011

Originally Posted by Simon Coontymunt View Post
I can confirm-----
only parts 1 & 2 have the 2012 copyright (presumably 4k) on the disc art and part 3 still has the 2007: it's the exact same disc as before.

I see a recall in the near future...buyer beware
Thanks a lot (and to the others who answered as well)- is the transfer for 2 the same as the 2007 version, plus the new extras? Know that 1 was updated for 2012 and 3 was the same. And did they update the menus? Thanks-
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