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Jun 2014
Smile Aspect Ratios for Anime DVD's

Searched for something while trying to "Edit Movie" here. I didn't find anything. I'll explain slowly here just so you know what I mean. I have almost......700 individual Anime on DVD and I have multiple questions and some requests for I am not sure whom to ask or cannot figure out some of the specifics. Please be kind and look forward to trying anything that helps keep it the most accurate. Here goes:

1. Aspect Ratios. It seems simple and I know it is gonna be easy to figure out whether my DVD is 4:3 or 16:9. My TV or should I say more importantly, my OPPO UHD Blu-ray Player shows me that information. Now for the harder equation.

Questiom#1: How do I know for sure that the DVD is 1.33:1, 1.78:1, 1.85:1, etc..... Now I found a chart with a table and that has been helpful, but I still feel I've been guessing to a point. I used Hand Brake & Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate to get the source video to tell me the Width & Height of my DVD. Not 100% sure if that's accurate as well. Now most Anime DVD's do not show the aspect ratio on the casing (I've looked). Most 16:9 ones do, but they absolutely do not show the 1.78:1 numbers. Telling me the Black bars visually is no good either and that seems subjective anyways. The 2.20:1, 2.35:1 and 2.40:1 are really close and I cannot tell the difference.

Question#2: Once the aspect ratio is found, now how does one tell if that is Animorphic or Non-Animorphic? I know in this instance it always refers to 16:9, but 16:9 does not mean Animorphic either.

Request#1: Can we add an Animorphic option to the "Video" portion of editing? This would be cool to see in the future.

This is all about the Editing of things here.

2. Now since many of you know, Anime has lots of TV series. This will be harder for me to explain. Once some of main title is added, I see bold at the top. Some series is 3 DVD volumes while say, Rurouni Kenshin is 22 volumes long over 3 seasons. If I type Rurouni Kenshin: Vol. 1 - Swordsman it all shows on the same line in Bold. If I type it as Rurouni Kenshin: Swordsman (Vol. 1), it will still have the RK: Swordsman in bold, but the (Vol. 1) goes onto the 2nd line and it's separate. Along with volumes, this doesn't ask if it is season 1,2 or 3. There needs to be a better way and in the "Title Information" section is confusing to me.

Question#1: How should I type in the season(s) in the "Title Information section"? As an example I did Burst Angel. I typed in 1 and then 6 on the left side of "Season / sequence / chronological order". Then there are 2 more boxes to the right. There is not 6 seasons. What I reallt meant was that it was 1 0f 6 volumes, but I believe it is only 1 season. I wanted to correct this, but didn't exactly know how. If someone has insight and can explain this I would be eternally grateful. I am going through each of my earlier submissions 1 by 1 and it'll be tedious, but like I said before......I'm trying to be accurate.

Question#2: Sometimes the Synopsis is not there at all. How would I add that or request it to come back, so it can get one?

Request#1: In the "The Title Information" section, can we have an option to add more "Film/TV rating"? I have a lot that are "Suggested 16 UP", but I think 16+ would be a good short one to add. Maybe even add more numbers like 10+ all the way to 18+ should cover it.

Request#2: Adding more Studios would help too. Some aren't there, but I don't have a list for those yet.

Request#3: Add a better option for seasons. Then there is no guessing. Unless I am totally just not getting it. It seems like it would be easier if we separated the "Season / sequence / chronological order" and added another one and keep them all separate. Maybe the Volumes should be added here to be easier. At least it seems to me.

If there is a moderator that I can deal with directly through message or some sort, that would be great too. Any questions or requests that I miss here I would like to deal with 1 person at a time, but I will take advice from anyone here that does this more than I do. I put in these for fun, but my OCD tells me I screwed up something somewhere and I'm writing this to make amends or figure these things out.

3. Audio. This seems pretty simple and straight forward, but again. Not always. Even though I know the DVD says "English: Dolby Digital" is there a difference when it's says English: Dolby Digital Stereo"? Some of my DVD's says both, but to me it seems like they are both the same and I just select "English: Dolby Digital 2.0". If it has both on the DVD, what am I supposed to select from the drop down lists? Also, how would I know what the "Quality" is for kbps? If someone can explain these thing to me, I would be thankful.

Request#1: Too many to add, but there are a lot of missing audio formats. a 6.1 EX as an example, but not sure where that would be listed under. Not even sure if that is DTS-HD or what-not, but I know I have to dig it up once I encounter it. Just saying that We should be able to type it in and if it gets added, then cool. Missed opportunities here, but it seems this was worked on.

I just wanted to get this started, but thought this may be a good way to help with editing in general. Please feel free to correct me or add thoughts that i have missed. Thanks in advance and sorry that this was long winded.

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aspect ratios

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