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Originally Posted by Spitfrnd View Post
Much is said about the motion issues with the OLEDs. How is this manifest and how much does it affect movie watching (only fast action scenes or something else and how)? Is this generation Sony LCD immune to that issue? For the Sony, how much offset from the center produces a noticeable change in picture quality? How is the LCD back lighting issue manifest and how does it affect what you watch? At what room lighting level does the Sony match the LG (as in do you need a room with no light or some level above that for the LG to prevail)?
I personally do notice the judder on the C6, but others say they don't. I use mine almost exclusively with movies, so other content may be slightly different, but it is definitely noticeable.
I found that setting the "De-Judder" to +2 or so tends to eliminate most of it except for long panning shots. You'll still see them every so often, but it's not a total dealbreaker. If you set the de-judder much higher (I think it goes up to +10) you start seeing weird artifacts from the frame-insertion and get the soap-opera effect. The +2 seems to be the best solution.

When does the LCD start to look fine? I think if you're in a room with some lighting (whether it's a low-ambient or a bias-lighting behind the TV) you should get a great picture on the Sony. The part that killed it for me is that I watch in a totally pitch-dark room and find the backlighting on the LCD/LED's to be too distracting. Here's a quick video (it exaggerated the fact a bit, but gives you a good idea -- this is with the 930E):

Skip to the 3Min 52sec mark

If you're going to always have a light on in the room, I'd go as far as to say that the Sony might even be the better buy. It does get significantly brighter and looks great.. For me, in the dark, the OLED wins hands-down since I don't need that high brightness and will appreciate the inky blacks and the brightness is fine since it's a dark room. Coming from a plasma, I absolutely love the OLED and wouldn't switch back to anything else.

Originally Posted by Eric_The_Victor View Post
In your opinion is the 3D worth the 25% loss of brightness compared to the 2017 models? You say the lack of nits hurt the OLED in HDR, is this also true with 3D as most people notice a drop due to the glasses. I have a good number of 3d movies and would like not to have to give up 3d for 4k. I have a very dark room and am currently using a Plasma so I am somewhat use to a black-bias picture over a bright-bias picture. As for judder if it can be fixed by incressing tru-motion setting thats ok as I dont have a problum with the so called "soap opera effect" and enjoyed watching the Hobbit in High frame rate.
Personally, yes. The 3D of the 2016 set is absolutely worth the light loss compared to the 2017 set (in my opinion). Having always used a relatively higher-end/highly rated 3DTV, the OLED is the best I've seen for 3D content.. The clarity and depth of the 3D in the set is well above the Panasonic's I've used and compared to some TV's that display "OK" 3D, this thing blows them away.

If the 2017 model had 3D, I probably would have waited until next year to upgrade. The fact that all TV's are losing 3D made me rush out to get the C6 (I have about 200 3D discs). If the performance was even 75% as good as it is, I would still keep this over the brightness. In a darkened room, the TV brightness is still good. I have no doubts that the 2017 sets will have a much more impressive HDR, but that also comes at a much higher price and the loss of 3D. If you plan to watch it in a well-lit room, the 2016 OLED may not be for you though.

I'm not trying to justify my purchase of the 2016 - I'll be the first to tell you if I bought it and was disappointed. For my uses, it's absolutely perfect. If I were to be watching a lot of content in the daytime or with the lights on, I probably would have gone for the 75" X940D for the same price. Since I watch in a darkened room, the OLED is the much better option, especially if you're already coming from a plasma.
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Thanks again for your informative and candid observations. One question came to mind as I was reading your latest post. What do you mean by "especially coming from a Plasma"? I would be coming from the same place obviously but the judder and room light issues (not to mention that big screen) have me leaning toward the Sony. I understand that gives up some perfect blacks but is that all I would miss?
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