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Old 03-27-2015, 02:42 AM   #201
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The 4K name is being used now for 3840 x 2160 by many in the industry.
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Originally Posted by ZoetMB View Post
256 pixels is nothing, but if you want to be technical, UHD is really 2.1K or maybe 2.2K since we measure vertical pixels when we refer to full HD (1080). For UHD, the industry decided to arbitrarily start counting horizontal pixels, which if we did that for Full HD, it would have been referred to as 1920p, not 1080p.

And considering that on a screen 60" wide, 3840 is only 64 ppi and a Retina display on an iPhone or newer Mac is usually from 217 to 325 ppi, we're still not getting great resolution on TVs, even at 4K.

In a movie theatre with a 4K projector (4096 horizontal), even with a relatively small 30 foot horizontal screen dimension, we're only seeing 11.38 ppi. The only thing saving that experience is that we're so far from the screen.
Well, if you wanna be anal about it then the movie industry has been using horizontal res as the measurement for as long as it's been fiddling with digital (1K, 2K, 4K etc), while vertical res was adopted for home video, probably because 0.7K or 1.9K didn't sound as sexy as Full HD 1080p etc.

But Sony, who straddle both the movie and hardware manufacturing industries, decided to use the 4K moniker for their 3840x2160 gear against the wishes of the wider tech industry who wanted to push ahead with calling it Ultra HD (also referred to as Quad Full HD by some because it's x4 the res of Full HD, natch), and because they were the first to market the 4K name has stuck. So now we'll never be able to escape the pedantic "but it's not true 4K! What a gyp!" posts that will pop up forever more.
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