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Old 03-24-2015, 01:11 PM   #381
kuro_sawa kuro_sawa is offline
Special Member
Mar 2013

Originally Posted by Ray Jackson View Post
This is one of the few blu-ray transfers that looks almost no different than the dvd.

I know, because I spent about an hour comparing the two.

...the blu-ray is maybe slightly better.
I agree that the blu-ray could really use another effort, but it's worth upgrading to the current one for the colors more than anything imo
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Old 03-24-2015, 04:44 PM   #382
Christian Muth Christian Muth is offline
Active Member
Feb 2012

Originally Posted by tylergfoster View Post
Jan Harlan has done interviews where he talked about, on Kubrick's instructions, going to a parking lot with the actual negative of trims and edits from his films and burning them because Kubrick just didn't want them seen.
That would have been while Kubrick was alive. The EYES WIDE SHUT negative wouldn't have been cut until after his death during post-production. Beyond that, I take what Jan says with a grain of salt. Kubrick didn't finance his films and thus didn't own them. You can't just arbitrarily destroy something that you don't own. The studio would take possession of all the materials and put them into storage. Maybe Kubrick had workprint trims in his possession, but I imagine any negative trims would have been boxed up and put into storage by the studios that produced the films (Warner Brothers in the case of his final five films).

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Old 03-24-2015, 04:46 PM   #383
Christian Muth Christian Muth is offline
Active Member
Feb 2012

Originally Posted by MikeyHitchFan View Post
Yep, so we'll never see Harvey Keitel doing Sydney Pollacks' part either.
I think I read that Keitel only shot one scene (Bill and Alice arriving at the party). Unlike Jennifer Jason Leigh, who DID film her entire part, Keitel left during production when it went way, way, WAY over schedule and he had other films booked.

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