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Default The Master Designer – The Song Blu-ray (released September 9th 2013)

The Master Designer – The Song Blu-ray (released September 9th 2013)

On June 28th 2011 Exploration films released their very first Blu-ray disc called Darwin: The Voyage that Shook the World. On September 9th 2013 Exploration films released their second Blu-ray disc called “The Master Designer – The Song” with a suggested retail list price of $24.95.

The Master Designer – The Song is a Blu-ray documentary that is currently out of stock at Amazon (I ordered the Blu-ray and I am waiting for it to arrive, the documentary is either a Creationist video or an Intelligent design video). Several mail order companies are out of stock on this Blu-ray disc and the cheapest online price I found was at for $19.99. currently has a free shipping promotion occurring for orders $35 and over.

The following YOUTUBE trailers below can be viewed at 1080P HD quality by changing the resolution quality to 1080P mode within the YOUTUBE interface.
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The Master Designer – The Song Blu-ray (a brief review)

The Master Designer – The Song Blu-ray is a science documentary that was developed by Creationist. The Master Designer provides scientific evidence for intelligent design of various insects and animals (Bees, wolfs, dogs, Camels, etc). The 75 minute and 33 second video also shows evidence that the theory of evolution is not scientifically possible. The Master Designer is more than an intelligent design documentary (Intelligent design documentaries do not mention who the designer is). The Master Designer documentary uses both Old and New Testament Christian Bible scriptures with narration to inform people that the Master Designers name is God and his son is Jesus Christ. Overall, this was an excellent video that mainly used observational science and other science to show evidence for Creation. A small portion of this science video uses the Bible as historical evidence that the God of the Bible is the Creator of the Universe.

Source equipment used to review the video and audio

My first and second viewing of the program was on a 50 inch Pioneer PRO-101FD connected to a Pioneer VSX-33 A/V receiver with a 7.1 surround sound speaker system setup. Blu-ray player used was an OPPO BDP-93. The Pioneer was set for Dot by Dot.

Video quality

Before watching the documentary I placed the professionally stamped Blu-ray disc in a computer BD-ROM drive. The Master Designer – The Song on Blu-ray uses a total of 22.3GB of space on the 25GB single layer Blu-ray disc. The main program, menu, and all bonus features use the MPEG-4/AVC codec. Most the bonus features are 1080P quality, however for some reason the main 75 minute and 33 second feature is only 1080i quality. In theory this documentary source material might have been recorded at 1080i quality using an older 1080i HD camera instead of a 1080P HD camera. The other possibility of why the main program is 1080i might be because the documentary was shot at a native 1080p/30 and the Blu-ray format has a limitation of only being able to offer 1080P at 24fps instead of 30fps.Therefore, if this documentary was native 1080P at 30fps then when it is released on Blu-ray it would have to be down converted to 1080i at 30fps quality because of the limitation of the Blu-ray format.

The good news is The Master Designer has a high bit rate MPEG-4/AVC 1920 x 1080i picture quality that averages around 25Mbps for some scenes with peaks above 32Mbps. The Blu-ray 1080i picture quality is much better compared to what one experiences on a typical low bit rate MPEG-4 1080i cable channels and 1080i satellite channels. The resolution detail of this science documentary is outstanding with excellent color accuracy. The documentary is also encoded with English subtitle option for those that like or need subtitles.

Audio quality

(This is the first Creationist video that uses a lossless audio soundtrack)

There have been a total of 3 Creationist Blu-ray discs released so far as of late 2013. Back on December 20th 2011 Answers in Genesis released the Created Cosmos with a lossy 5.1 Dolby Digital soundtrack. Also on June 28th 2011 Exploration Films released Darwin: The Voyage that Shook the World with a lossy 2.0 Dolby Digital soundtrack. The excellent news is that Exploration Films on September 9th 2013 released The Master Designer – The Song on Blu-ray with both PCM and lossless audio soundtracks that are bit for bit the same sound quality as the studio master. Even the menu and 100% of all the bonus features uses an English 2.0 PCM stereo soundtrack.

The main program soundtrack for The Master Designer defaults to 2.0 PCM stereo for those consumers that only own a stereo system or plan on playing the Blu-ray disc using the two speakers built into their flat panel display. The default PCM option is the exact same sound quality as the 2.0 PCM studio master. Also on this Blu-ray disc for the main program is a 5.1 DTS-HD Master audio soundtrack that is bit for bit exactly same sound quality as the 5.1 PCM studio master when the audio file is unzipped by a modern A/V receiver or Blu-ray player.

The 5.1 DTS-HD Master audio soundtrack sounded very good for a science documentary. The narration came out of the center channel and the musical score was mixed so that the audio came out of the left and right front speakers and sometimes the surround speakers were active with the musical score. Voice narration was nice and loud and easy to understand. The surround speakers were at low volumes during this science documentary and at times I wish the rear speaker mix was a little louder for some scenes. My only major audio complaint about this 5.1 DTS-HD Master audio mix is that the mix is really a 5.0 DTS-HD Master audio mix since there was zero subwoofer activity during the documentary. There were some scenes in this documentary that would have sounded better if the subwoofer channel would have been used in the audio mix.

Special Features

I found all the special features enjoyable to watch. All the special features are HD quality using the MPEG-4/AVC codec. Also all the special features use 2.0 PCM stereo that is bit for bit exactly the same as the studio master. This is a real positive to have PCM stereo quality for all the special features. When placing the Blu-ray disc in the Blu-ray player there is a short preview trailer that is offered in 1080P quality with 2.0 PCM before the main menu starts.

List of Special Features

1. “The Making Of – From The Director” (17 minutes and 3 seconds, 1080P)

2. “Movie Trailer #1” (1 minute and 34 seconds, 1080P)

3. “ Movie Trailer #2” (3 minutes and 1 second, 1080P)

4. “The Cricket Chorus” (5 minutes and 41 seconds, 1080i)

5. “George Washington – The Flag” (3 minutes and 2 seconds, 1080P)

6. “George Washington – The Sentry” (4 minutes and 2 seconds, 1080P)

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