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Originally Posted by bailey1987 View Post
I love The Dream Master and Freddy's Dead, yes Freddy's Dead, I had Freddy VS. Jason on last night, can anybody remember the three part comic book that is essentially A Nightmare On Elm Street Part 7: The Beginning? It only ever made it to two issues because the company making it went bankrupt during production. I was reading what exists of the third part of it last night the guy who wrote it made the third issues available on his website for free.
[Show spoiler]In the third issues the soul demons that escape from Freddy at the end of Freddy's Dead enter a young boy called Jeffery, if only it had been made as a film we would be watching some guy called Jeffery now, his last name is not revealed so it wouldn't be Jeffery Krueger. Either way I thought it was pretty cool.

I wonder if we will ever see a new film? The remake did what the older films could have done with doing, it was just run of the mill, it didn't add anything to the mythos. Between either The Dream Warriors and The Dream master or between The Dream Master and The Dream Child they could have done with making the reboot something that didn't do anything it just burnt the road with what we already knew.

I want all these separate with the original theatrical artwork on them, the box set doesn't take up much space but it's shoddy and looks crape. Either way it will have to be on Ultra HD Blu-ray if I buy them again.
I remember those Innovation comics infact i still have mine. There was like you said a 3 part(only 2 published) called the beginning and a seperate 6 issue run with characters from the previous films. They are a good read and are pretty cheap on ebay most times. also i just thought i'd post this here for any uk or euro posters that at the London film and comic con in july they have alot of elm street guests attending including.

Robert Englund
Ronee Blakley
Robert Rusler
Jenifer Rubin
Kelly Jo Minter
Monica Keena
Ken Kirzinger
Ricky Dean Logan

as well as Neve Campbell from scream and lots more. If its been posted before im sorry but we brits don't usually get too many horror guests like this.
R.I.P. Leonard Nimoy. A Legend.
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