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Old 08-23-2014, 11:10 PM   #2101
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My main issues with the remake were that they throw you right into Freddy/nightmare mode from the get go without having anyone to care for. Freddy (Jackie) looks great, but he isn't scary. Rant on Freddy's Dead all you like, but at least that showed a more interesting back story with Freddy having a family and hiding his slasher persona, than the janitor at the kindergarten school... Everything about the remake, from Freddy to the sets, the lighting, even the special effects, just felt off. Take the scene where Freddy looms over Nancy's bed and you see his form morph out of the wall, it says a lot when in 2010 they can't do with CGI what was done in 1984 with a simple practical effect. The remake does have some slick editing, I liked the sequence where they fade in and out of the dream as Nancy tries to stay awake. But none of the elements that made the first one so great (Nancy's dysfunctional family, Freddy's mystery, the rock n' roll couple vs the prudish couple, the cell sequence, the sleep clinic, Charles Bernstein's score) are present in the remake, just excuse after excuse to bring on nightmares with teens who you're suppose to care for resulting in a Freddy vs Nancy stand off.

Oh, and Robert Englund. He was born to play that part with his mannerisms and look and made it a hard act to follow.
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Old 08-24-2014, 07:39 AM   #2102
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The ONLY thing I liked about the remake is that it twisted the feeling that Freddy might have actually been innocent in this version. But they chickened out and made him guilty anyway...
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