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Old 04-21-2011, 04:53 PM   #1
OG Pooh OG Pooh is offline
Jul 2010
Hudson Valley, NY
Question LG BD690 Firmware Issues?

I recently purchased the LG BD690. After I got it all hooked up (BD690 HDMI > Marantz Receiver HDMI > Sony Bravia) and booted it up, I accidentally switched inputs on the display. When I returned to the BD's HDMI input, the player had locked up. It refused all commands from the remote and it's front panel. I had to unplug the player from the power outlet to allow it to reset. We watched a few BDs after that & all seemed good. A few days later, when I fired up the player, the display turned on automatically and (for some odd reason) switched to the cable box's HDMI input. When I switched to the player's input, it had again completely locked up. This time, the HOME screen was all discolored (rainbowed). The player again needed to be unplugged from the power outlet. I realized that I still had the Bravia set to control & accept commands from compatible HDMI devices, so I switched that option to off. That seemed to solve the issue on startup (so far)...

Later that day, I decided to rip some CDs to the built-in HDD, which I fairly quickly gave up on doing. In attempting to rip the contents of about 20 CDs, the player locked up six times and failed two other times without completely locking up. Sometimes the player would simply freeze and recover on it's own after a few minutes by self rebooting, and a couple of times, I got the rainbowed HOME screen. The two times when it didn't actually lock up, I got a message saying CD ARCHIVING HAS FAILED FOR AN UNKNOWN REASON (or something to that effect). I should note that I tried a few times at ripping this group of CDs, and it was always the same CDs that gave me issues, while CDs that didn't initially give me issues, never did. I also noted that the longer the CD, the more problems it gave, and always toward the end of the process (IE: 10-track CDs were no problem, while 20-track CDs were almost always an issue, with the freezing occuring after track 15 or so). If I broke up the ripping into segments (Rip tracks 1-10, stop, rip tracks 11-15, stop, etc) the player seemed to handle the process better. Also, the longer CDs almost always had the HDD operating very loudly.

Anybody else having these issues with the BD690 or other LG players? I'm hoping it's a firmware issue (Yes I have the latest update) rather than a hardware problem.

Any thoughts?
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Old 04-29-2011, 04:52 AM   #2
OG Pooh OG Pooh is offline
Jul 2010
Hudson Valley, NY




Actually, I upated the player earlier today. I don't know if it fixed the issues, but I'll post when I find out.
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Old 05-31-2011, 04:56 AM   #3
Cypress Cypress is offline
New Member
May 2011
Default BD690 problem "Turn-Off" itself vs. FW 280 or 280E

Originally Posted by OG Pooh View Post



Actually, I updated the player earlier today. I don't know if it fixed the issues, but I'll post when I find out.
As I understand, the BD690 has its own 250G HDD that when the user plugs this machine to the AC pwr to Boot, let it boot completely for it to recognise its HDD and then turn the pwr on. At this point users may have less problem later.

After I play with this BD690 for nearly a month, it is a very good piece compare with other brands but "no glitch" is unusual for the BD Wifi ready player like such BD690 or BD590 both R the same, I guess ? I rip the CD from the computer and xfer those MP3s or AVIs to the SDHC, plug the SDHC to BD690's USB at front panel to copy to the HDD and play them later.

When I play those files from BD690 internal HDD, sometimes it turns off by itself, when it happened, I turn the machine on again and within 20", it turns off itself again...and so on, no matter I had a new latest FW update or reinstall the previous FW version from LG Download support link, the machine will turns itself off while I play some of the MP3 or AVI files from the HDD, may be some file formats that irritate the BD690 or even when I play some Bluray DVDs some movie can make the BD690 turns off itself, either FW glitch of HDD or what ever, I can not understand but ..... When the machine turns off itself after turn it on within 20", I found another solution is to go quick to the Setup icon and reset the BD690 to manufacture's setup plus reformat the HDD make it no files on it.

At this point the machine seems no problem anymore unless I copy files/folders to its HDD then the problem reoccured again.

Your display problem may not the issue by wrong selecting the HDMI but who knows, you may try to reset the machine and reformat the HDD like I did.

I also read other forums about the BD590 do have the same problem with BD690.

I do like this BD690 compare to other brands which I bought but I have to wait and see how LGVideo Dept fix these problems ? Some consumers already complain that they return the product for LG to fix then they got back from LG but problems still remain ?

I do not know if there is a single file in the HDD can create problem or not but I copy about 32G files/folders to the HDD and play with those, the turn-off itself occures while playing some files, even I left a standard DVD movie in the DVD tray and turn the machine off, sometimes turn the machine right on again and it plays to the same screen point which I turned off but if I turn the machine on the next day with that DVD left inside the tray, BD690 turns off itself within 2". not 20" (seconds), I have to take the DVD out first and close the door, after that the BD690 is normal again ?

Yesterday and today, I goto Setup/Others/ at AutoPowerOff , I set it to Off and test it, may be again copy those 32G files/folders to the HDD to see how does this work ?

PS: Well, to the LG/Video Dept, I believe you are reading my post and know who am I and who I am trying to communicate with LG, please work on it particularly for the customers of BD690 or BD590 out there, thank you.

Last edited by Cypress; 05-31-2011 at 05:13 AM.
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Old 06-09-2011, 03:43 PM   #4
fredreed fredreed is offline
Active Member
May 2007
Default LG BD690 Firmware Issues?

I just got mine today and had no problems, but yes you do have to wait until the system boots up completely. It's just like on a computer you need to wait until windows completely loads up otherwise If you don't you will have issues. If you are having issues with the firmware then I suggest you call LG about it.
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Old 06-17-2011, 03:11 AM   #5
Cypress Cypress is offline
New Member
May 2011

Originally Posted by fredreed View Post
I just got mine today and had no problems, but yes you do have to wait until the system boots up completely. It's just like on a computer you need to wait until windows completely loads up otherwise If you don't you will have issues. If you are having issues with the firmware then I suggest you call LG about it.
Good to hear that.

I finally found out if there is file(s)/folder(s) such as MP3, AVI etc copied to the HDD and Network is set for internet then the unit turn off itself, another words do not set up Network so you can play files in the HDD or you have Network setup to your router then the HDD must be zero files. Weird isn't it ?

Mine was on the RMA for service at LG/Alabama nearly 2 weeks ago ? Do not know when they will send it back to me ?


After I posted the above, the next day mine is coming back from LG-Service, everything were working fine and I have updated to the FW 280E through Wifi home network, no more "Turn-Off" itself so far, the other Update popping up to tell me there is new FW which is 296E if I want to update, I tried many times through Wifi and failed but once is complete for that FW296E, turn the unit on again to see but still old FW280E remains. I also look into the LG/Download support link for that FW296E but only 280E is the latest available there ?.

I then chat online to a person name Guillermo and he said only update through CD from LG-Engineering service and the latest FW is now BD.8.62.308.E, he will set up the request for me and will be received that CD within 7 days or so +/-, I am so happy with the answer and the service from LG

For the 250G internal HDD is very handy.

Last edited by Cypress; 06-22-2011 at 10:01 PM.
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Old 07-04-2011, 03:01 PM   #6
rdavidd rdavidd is offline
New Member
Jul 2011
Default BD690 HDD is unreliable

I've only loaded files to the HDD off my video camera so I'm sure copy protection is not an issue. The simple fact is that using the internal hard disk of the BD690 is not reliable. It can work fine and then doing something as simple as pressing the HOME button on the remote will result in the unit freezing up -- you can not even turn the unit off via the remote or via the switch that is directly on the unit -- you have to unplug and reboot to be able to use the BD690 for anything.
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Old 07-24-2011, 11:39 PM   #7
Cypress Cypress is offline
New Member
May 2011

After the 1st service arrived but did not fix and the same problem still occurs, I got the second RMA for another service, the responds are quick and when I got mine back with FW 308E installed as I instructed the Tech to do that, no more problem "Turn-Off-Itself" as it is, I try not to add more WMA or MP3 filles to its HDD for now.

Now on LG/BD690 FW Update link shows the FW-334E is the latest but I still think if install this new FW that can bring back the same problem so I skip it for now besides when shipping back and forth, mine got DVD tray jammed I have to pry it open this can cause cracking up the plastic gears inside at my faults


I finally got updated through Wifi Online with 369E FW and everything works perfectly.
I also use AVS Video Converter to convert DVD movie to AVI format and copy that AVI to BD690 HD.


Last edited by Cypress; 11-29-2011 at 12:14 AM.
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Old 04-14-2012, 02:37 AM   #8
Emannikcufesin Emannikcufesin is offline
Jan 2007
Seattle, Wa
Default LG BD690 HDD not recognized after Firmware update

Has anyone else had an issue with firmware BD.8.97.404.E?

After I installed the update, the HDD was no longer a selectable option.
For example with no disc in the player I can see the following as non selectable options: "Disc", "USB", & "HDD". I can however select "Wi-Fi Direct" and my computer which it recognizes.

I wish I could say this only happened when no disc was in the drive, but the problem persists with a disc inserted as well.

I'm at a loss. I have even unplugged the device to allow the system to fully boot, waited 10 seconds, and then powered on. Same result. No selectable HDD.

Please help. The player is only 4 days old. Out of the box the HDD worked fine and I even ripped 3 cd's. Then I did the firmware update...
Just because you paid a premium price doesn't mean you bought a premium product. :rolleyes:
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Old 11-30-2012, 10:38 PM   #9
lhousesoccer lhousesoccer is offline
Junior Member
Nov 2012

I don't have the BD690, but I've owned the BD590 for two years now, with zero issues. HDD has been very reliable with all forms of media including mp3, jpg, avi, mp4, mkv .... wish the BD690 was more reliable, but I want another Bluray with an internal harddrive, but no one seems to make them, and the BD590 isn't available anymore.
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