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Default The Pioneer BDP-62FD 3-D Blu-ray player review (One of the fastest Blu-ray players)

The Pioneer BDP-62FD 3-D Blu-ray player review

** The fastest or one of the fastest Blu-ray players on the market **

Pioneer is known for making top of the line BDXL BD-ROM computer drives and excellent A/V receivers. However when it comes to standalone Blu-ray players Pioneer models have a history of not being able to match the competition when it comes to performance.

According to the Home Theater and High Fidelity review on the Pioneer BDP-62FD the latest Blu-ray player is not as good when compared to a Sony BDP-S790 and the latest OPPO BDP-103. The latest Pioneer BDP-62FD failed some of the video benchmark tests. The Pioneer BDP-62FD also has no analog audio outputs at all. Since there is no analog left and right audio output on the latest Pioneer, consumers that need to use a HDMI to DVI adapter for their HDCP HDTV with only a DVI input are forced to own a surround sound system in order to hear any audio. Those that have a modern HDTV with HDMI inputs can hear audio without a surround sound system. Also the Pioneer BDP-62FD lacks 1GB of internal memory for BD-LIVE, in order to use the BD-LIVE feature the consumer needs to purchase an external USB flash drive that is at least 1GB in size.

On the positive side according to the review the Pioneer BDP-62FD uses the latest Netflix interface that supports 1080P and 5.1 surround sound just like the latest OPPO Blu-ray players. Most 2010 and 2011 model Blu-ray players only support Netflix at 720P with 2.0 stereo sound (The PS3 was the first Blu-ray device to support 1080P Netflix with 5.1 surround sound). The Pioneer BDP-62FD streaming content is currently lacking when compared to modern Sony Blu-ray players that offer around 50 streaming features. The Pioneer BDP-62FD according to the specs does not support VUDU yet. VUDU offers 1080P and 3-D movies with up to 7.1 Dolby Digital Plus. VUDU is currently the best of the best in streaming quality. Physical Blu-ray discs offer lossless audio and much higher bit rates compared to any streaming service. The latest Pioneer BDP-62FD is the fastest or one of the fastest Blu-ray players on the market for loading and menu navigation according to the review.

The following are select word for word quotes from the Home Theater and High Fidelity review

One very interesting design decision on the BDP-62FD is the total lack of any analog audio outputs on the rear of the chassis.” “It certainly would offer some cost savings by not needing a DAC or more RCA outputs, but it also means someone that wants a universal player for their older analog system will need to look elsewhere.”

“The final issue I ran into wasn't with the player performance, but an oddity in that it is one of the few players that will power off without closing the tray first, leaving it vulnerable to damage. Most likely this won't be an issue, but you can't just remove a disc and hit power to turn off the player.”

“The first thing I noticed with the Pioneer BDP-62FD is that it was fast to load. Discs went from insertion to playing quicker than any player I have tested to this point, and was a huge change for where Pioneer was just a few years ago. The menu system was also quick and responsive, and navigating the menus of titles was very quick as well. Where older Pioneer players were slow enough that my wife would give up before a movie had even loaded, the BDP-62FD was so quick that she had no complaints at all.”

“In our loading tests, I mentioned that the Pioneer was fast, and it was the best in everything I have tested. On titles without Java, like The Fifth Element, it loaded quicker than anything indicating a faster drive mechanism than other players. On the BD-J tests, with The Dark Knight and Toy Story 3, it maintained its lead showing it has a fast drive and a fast processor as well. As titles get more and more complex, the BDP-62FD looks to have what it takes to keep up with the fastest players currently available.”

“With streaming content the Pioneer did well with Netflix, offering 1080p video and 5.1 audio for supported titles.”

When viewing the chroma multiburst and zone plate, the highest resolution vertical chroma material is not correctly displayed.”

As I mentioned in the opening, Pioneer continues to move forward on their Blu-ray players, but each year seems to come up with an issue that causes me reservations about them. This year they have produced the fastest Blu-ray player I've tested so far, and one that completes most of our testing quite easily.”

“The tricky part with the BDP-62FD is the value proposition that it offers. For $200 less you have the Sony BDP-S790 that is almost as fast, offers far more online streaming content, better noise reduction and DVD scaling, integrated Wi-Fi, and analog outputs. The only feature it is really lacking is DVD-Audio support, but for most users that difference isn't worth $200. If you need DVD-Audio support, you can step up to the Oppo BDP-103 for $100 more, which includes a Wi-Fi adapter that offsets the cost benefit of the BDP-62FD, as well as analog outputs, no chroma issue, and even better video processing.”

“In the end, the Pioneer BDP-62FD is possibly the best Pioneer player I have used to this point, but that unfortunately doesn't really give it a good position in the marketplace.”

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